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Hello world, here I am.

October 11, 2017 • Derek

Welcome to the informal and slightly personal part of [The Lanes Audio web site.][1] This is the place where I will be posting anything I find interesting, amusing, useful, etc. in hopes you will enjoy them. As I have hobbies relating to the primary purpose of this site, they can be discussed here as well over the coming weeks/months. Plus, it will give me incentive to keep this blog up to date, and give you reasons to check back from time to time. Granted, that’s the theory anyway. The truth is that I’m rather bad when it comes to writing. Posting audio, sure, but writing… not so much. I have ideas though, but I want them to be something you will be able to enjoy or use.

As a blind audio engineer, I’m naturally inclined to focus on the audio, but I understand, and appreciate the need for video in a lot of cases. Sights like The reaper blog and the recording revolution are perfect examples of the kinds of presentations that I’m talking about. We shall see what happens though.

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