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Thanks for visiting Lanes Audio, a nexus for all things audio. We’re passionate about sound, and, over the last ten years, we’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of challenging projects with both experts and enthusiasts that have contributed to our knowledge base. This site exists so that we can share the wealth with our visitors.

Our mission is to serve as an information hub for some of the best tips and tricks in the audio engineering universe, while also providing an extensive range of services for our clients at an affordable rate. We specialize in Editing, Restoration, Production, Mixing, and Mastering, utilizing digital audio tools including Reaper, Sound Forge and Isotope RX.

Some of the work we’ve done includes:

  • Mixing and mastering- Demos, Albums, and EP’s
  • Podcast/Tutorial Editing and mastering
  • Tempo Synchronization – Combining elements from various songs and syncing each to a common tempo to be used in mashups
  • Live Recording – Concerts, Cover Bands, and Choral Performances
  • Audio Restoration of Analog media
  • creating Impulse Responses
  • Sound Design
  • Sampled Instrument Creation
  • Music Beds
  • Transition Music
  • Project templates, track templates and effects chains for users of Reaper

At Lanes Audio, we are truly here to serve. We believe that audio engineering services need not be a mystery or a financial burden for those who need them. In addition to providing services for our clients, we are committed to educating our clients. Check out the FAQs, the latest articles in The blog or contact us today so we can get to work on your next audio project.