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Frequently Asked Questions

general questions

Why are your prices so cheap?

As we said before, we don’t believe that audio engineering services have to leave you in debtor’s prison. We’ve received a lot of generosity from others in this field and we believe in paying it forward. It’s as simple as that.

There are several programs on the internet that claim to work the kind of magic that you do. Most of them have lots of presets. Why can’t I grab one of those, and be good to go?

You could, and most likely, you’ll even find something that makes your audio sound much better than it has ever sounded before. After all, we’ve already linked to several of them, However, as good as a preset developer might be, they generally aren’t willing to craft custom settings which are tuned to your individual studio setup, equipment usage or project parameters. Again, our priority is customer service with attention to detail and an understanding of the unique needs of your project.

questions concerning audio restoration:

Do you offer cover art with restorations?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any visual art services. To answer euphemistically, we clean the interior of the house, We let someone else worry about painting.

I’ve transferred my old recordings to wave and/or flac files, can I send those to you for cleanup instead of the media?

Maybe, depending on what you used for the playback and transfer process. It has been said that an ounce of playback is worth a pound of processing. This means that it is critical to get things sounding as good as possible at the source. Software damage control is great, but can leave some strange sounding problems in its wake. They’re better than the original unprocessed recording, but not as great as they could be.

I’ve transferred my old recordings to mp3 files, can I send those to you for cleanup instead of the media?

No. Mp3 and similar files throw parts of the audio away that the computer thinks isn’t important. That’s why the files are so small, and you can download them so quickly. This article elaborates more on the subject, and offers a bit of interesting trivia.