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Our Audio Portfolio

Check out the clips below, which contain “before and after” examples of the unprocessed audio followed by the results of our mixing, mastering or restoration services.

Desktop Screen Reader Users Will Find It Easier To Navigate If They Download The Samples.

Audience recording made in auditorium

Microphones placed too far from the stage, someone coughing and sneezing near the microphones, an air conditioning system that sounded like a 747 engine, and high-pitched, whiny feedback demolished what would have otherwise been a nicely balanced recording of a women’s vocal ensemble. Fortunately, we were able to minimize every one of these issues.

Click here to download this clip of the performance for external playback.

1979 McDonald’s Promotion flexi-disc

For decades, companies would distribute short promos on small flexible records that were incredibly cheap to make. As a result, they could only be played a limited number of times before they were ready for ye old garbage can in the…um…ground. Anyway, listen to a clip of one such record, and its successful restoration.

Click here to download it for external playback.

Worn-out 45.

Want to hear that old favorite song, but it only exists on a random 45 that has seen about 45 too many spins? As you’ll hear below, we take the time to restore most damaged vinyl to near perfection! Many singles, which are, in some cases, otherwise impossible to find in any other format sound quite bad but can be restored to near-perfection! This lets that old song sound new again!

Click here to download this before/after comparison for external playback.

Audio Book.

It’s too bad that we can’t go back in time to re-record material which has not been well-produced or preserved. listen to this audio book recording that was duplicated on bad equipment. The results are light years away from the original.

Click here to download this clip of “The Thorn birds” for external playback.

Concert recording

The microphones used to make this recording were accidentally placed to the right of the stage while the ambiance of the stadium emanated from the right. As a result, none of the audio was very clear. As you can hear, our remastering process brought the best possible sound out in this performance

Click here to download this clip for external playback.