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Audio examples of our work

Don’t just read about what we do, listen to it!

Below you will find audio clips of projects we have completed. You will initially hear the material as given, then the results after the restoration/remastering was complete.

Desktop Screen Reader Users Will Find It Easier To Navigate If They Download The Samples.

Audience recording made in auditorium

Mics placed far from the stage, someone sitting near said microphones with a cold, plus the sound of air conditioning and PA feedback ruined what would have otherwise been a nice recording of a small women’s Ensemble. Fortunately, such problems were able to be minimized.

Click here to download this clip of the performance for external playback.

1979 McDonald’s Promotion flexi-disc

For decades, companies would distribute short promotional material on small flexible records, which were very cheap to make, and could only be played a few times before they were worn out.

Listen to a clip of one such record, and its restoration.

Click here to download it for external playback.

Worn-out 45.

Many singles, which are, in some cases, otherwise impossible to find in any other format sound quite bad, but can be restored to near-perfection!

Click here to download this before/after comparison for external playback.

Audio Book.

Although many great books have been recorded over the years, those years and bad duplication equipment leave some of those recordings sounding quite bad. Although the results after processing may not be amazing, they are much better than the original.

Click here to download this clip of “The Thorn birds” for external playback.

Concert recording

The microphones used to make this recording were accidentally placed such that the stage was to the left, The ambiance of the stadium was on the right, and nothing was very clear. The remastering brought out the best in this performance.

Click here to download this clip for external playback.