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Please give me ideas as to the best way to give you free things.

June 15, 2018 • Derek

This web sight is about to undergo several changes so that it will be easier to present products and services Lanes Audio can provide. There are, however some effects and sfz instruments that I’d like to make available for free. That having been said I’d would appreciate knowing how you’d like them presented. I know of a few options, but you may come up with something else I didn’t think of.

  • I could make a category in the blog for all of the free stuff, with subcategories for things like Reaper FX chains, Impulse responses, and sfz instruments. The category could be displayed as a link on the home page, although I’m not sure if dropping someone in the middle of a blog would be the best way to present things.
  • I could make a page with all of the free stuff on it, with the items separated by headings. This could get to be a long list, however.
  • I could also make a page with items organized in to categories which, when clicked, would reveal everything in them.
  • I could make each item a page, but if I’m not careful this could become disorganized very quickly.

That having been said, although I’ve listed problems with every idea I’ve came up with, I’m sure there are ways to work around them. However, focusing on trying to get something to work that may be hard to navigate or maintain isn’t exactly a great use of time. That having been said, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave any suggestions you may have as a comment. Also consider following lanesaudio on twitter, because links to all of the downloadable goodness will be there.

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