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Presenting Holiday jingles, the first free download from LanesAudio

December 5, 2019 • Derek

Jingle Jingle Jingle, you can hear these sleigh bells ring, download these SFZ’s and sequence many things!

Sleigh Bells on Keyboards are usually quite poor. This is so even with the most modern work stations, however if you need better bells, the sfz and wave files in this download is what you need! Just look at the readme file so that you know how things work, load the SFZ file in to a plugin such as sforzando and enjoy!

I’ve made a short video where you can hear them in action.

Thanks to Jason Castonguay for taking the time to make the initial recording, from which these samples were derived. I would also like to thank those who have initially tested this sfz instrument, and provided constructive feedback!

[sdm_download id=”202″ fancy=”0″]

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