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Jaws For Windows 3.3 New Features!

May 21, 2018 • Derek

Recently, I got involved with various projects which all seem to have a common goal. This goal is simply to preserve historic audio. In this case, I’m referring to any documentation about hardware, software, resources, etc. for the blind.

Although some of this material was, for the most part, also available in Braille, the audio is more interesting in my opinion because it can take the listener back in time. In some of these recordings I have, and will be working on, presenters from the past speak of things which were current to them, but are memories for some of us.

That having been said, I present the JAWS for Windows 3.3 new features tape! Granted, this covers all of the new and exciting enhancements if You’ve traveled back to 1999, otherwise it’s rather quaint, to say the least. This restored version of the tape is hosted by Andre Louis in the flac format. This means that you get the audio in the highest quality possible. That having been said, you may hear some problems from time to time. Although they could be eliminated for the most part, I chose to leave them so that the sound of the recording and editing hardware and software being used would be preserved.

Listen to a small sample of the Jaws For Windows 3.3 new features tape.

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