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Announcing the Behringer X32 WhatsApp group

October 25, 2017 • Derek

The Behringer X32 line of mixers are, in the words of Hugh Robjohns, “products that look set to completely overturn the market for budget digital mixing consoles.” In my opinion, they have been successful. Not only are they used by many theaters, churches, and small studios, but have also been used by several well-known bands, as discussed by this forum post. One thing which has not been
publicized anywhere is the fact that Behringer unknowingly made several UI decisions which rendered the x32 mixers accessible to blind users

  • Dedicated View buttons exist for each feature, so you can jump to specific parts of the software
  • None of the menus rap! So if you have 10 options in a menu, and you scroll to option 10, scrolling one more time does not rap you back to option 1.
  • The X32 software has a home screen, and a home button to get there. This is another nice way to keep from getting lost.
  • Although its a bit clunky, the Ipad app is accessible with VoiceOver.
  • Open standards are used to control the x32.
  • If you leave a screen, go somewhere else, then go back to your previous screen, you are returned to the exact point from which you left
  • If you power-cycle the board, it will still contain all settings as you left them, but each view button will take you to page 1 of its function.

Another thing which makes the x32 accessible and easy to use is its very well-written, though slightly out-of-date, documentation. Therein lies the problem. Most of the information is relevant, but the setup, scenes, eq and library screens have changed dramatically in the 3 years sense the manual was updated.

In order to both give and receive assistance with the orientation and use of the x32, in a way which I personally find both convenient and easy to archive, I have started The X32 Crew Whatsapp Group. The idea is that any one can join and share what they know about the x32, and get help when they need it. If/when any material is generated from this group in a published form, I’ll edit this post and link to it.

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3 opinions on “Announcing the Behringer X32 WhatsApp group

  1. I have the Behringer X32 Producer Digital Mixer. I would like to have the online downloadable version of the manual for this product, the actual latest drivers and firmware files, and the software used to interact with the mixer. If possible, could all of the required downloads be put in a zip file for interested owners of this device could download in a direct download link. It is hard getting what you want or need from the web site. A copy of the quick start file would be great too. I also would also love to have an audio description of this machine and the software used in controlling the machine. If you could put this info on this forum, I would be very grateful and thankful.

    1. I’ll see what I can do, but rather than put links here, it may be more advantageous to help someone compile information that can be posted centrally. I’m not in a position to host or maintain multiple sights, but assisting is something I can do. That having been said, Kevin Reeves did say that if I send him my notes, he’d do cleanup, which I appreciate.

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